Josh koons

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Josh Koons

Josh Koons

When Josh was thirteen, he discovered his brother’s guitar on the couch with the sheet music to “American Pie” from that moment on his beloved photography, skateboarding and drawing all soon took a far back seat to his music. Josh wrote his first song “Firebird” (which had 4 chords in it)–with the first 4 chords he ever learned. Taking inspiration from Neil Young, the Beatles, The Bee Gees and many more, he amassed a considerable collection of work – each song sounding unique from the rest.

Studying jazz guitar he also gained a wide harmonic perspective , using modulations and occasionally time changes-till admiring the pop sensibility ,  he builds songs around memorable hooks that get stuck in the head. Josh was born in New Jersey two towns over from where the “Jersey Boys” (the Four Seasons) started their band.  Josh now lives in Austin,TX with his girlfriend and two dogs.

Gary James

Gary James

Gary James is a multi instrumentalist, composer and singer. He has been playing string bass since he was seven and owns and runs Bell Tree studio in Austin TX, which he began in 1999.

A fine engineer and producer, Gary recorded and mixed the Josh Koons album and provided many harmonies and arrangements.

Gary is from Chicago IL.

rick calaluca

Rick Colaluca

Rick started playing the drums accidentally at the age of 10, when he decided to join the 6th grade school band as a means to get out of class for awhile. It took, and he continued playing throughout his junior high and high school career. After high school he was a founding member of the tech metal band Watchtower, and continues in that band to this day. He has also played in many other bands, most notably Retarted Elf. Rick is a former skydiver with about 750 jumps, has a pet pig named Truffles, and his favorite color is clear. His biggest pet peeve is people who throw lit cigarette butts out of car windows, and he thinks it should be mandatory for anyone witnessing this behavior to pick up the butt and stick it in the offender’s eye, lit end first.

russell chalk

Russell Chalk


ian heilerhenkel

Ian Heilerhenkel